China 'set to ban dog meat' at Yulin festival
    Chinese officials are set to ban the sale of dog meat at the notorious Yulin festival, activists have claimed. Thousands of animals are slaughtered every year at the event, which was founded by traders in 2010 hoping to boost sales. But
    Rumor takes the Capitol By Storm
    On the afternoon of May 1, Rumor (Grand Champion Lockenhaus Rumor Has It V Kenlyn), the German Shepherd Dog who took Best in Show honors at both the 2017 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show and the 2015 AKC National Championship took a gra
    Congratulations to the United States Capitol Police K-9 Unit
    The AKC presented the United States Capitol Police K-9 Unit with the AKC K-9 Officers Award on May 1. The award recognizes the special public service role of dogs that work for government agencies and the skills and partnerships the K-9
    New in the GR Toolbox: 2016 State Economic Impact of Dog Show
    AKC Government Relations now has information available on the economic impact of dog shows in each state in 2016. This information, downloadable by state, helps demonstrate to legislators a tangible reason to support dog shows, fanciers
    German Shepherd Saves 7-Year-Old Girl From Venomous Rattlesnake
    A German Shepherd Dog named Haus is fighting for his life after defending his 7-year-old owner from a snake. On Wednesday, March 11, Molly DeLuca was in her grandmothers Tampa backyard with Haus when a venomous eastern diamondback rattl
    Meet The English Springer Spaniel Who's Sniffing Out A Superbug
    Theres no nose like a dogs nose. First there were bomb sniffing dogs, then, electronics detection dogs, and now Angus. Angus is a two-year-old English Springer Spaniel and he is trained to sniff out and detect a superbug, Clostridium di
    A Dog Of Many Talents: Meet A Grand Champion Ibizan Hound Who Is Also A Therapy Dog
    For 54-year-old Army veteran Rob Shaw life is a rollercoaster of psychological turbulence triggered by PTSD, severe depression, and anxiety disorder. In other words, there is plenty of bite behind the bark. For the past three years, a d
    For inmates at the Edmonton Institution for Women, a straight route back into society might be the hair of the dog. Starting this fall, women at the maximum-security correctional facility in Alberta, Canada, will get the opportunity to
    4th Grader with Cerebral Palsy Leans On His Great Dane Service Dog
    It seems as though nothing can stop Hunter VanBrocklin. The active 10-year-old loves hiking, running, and adventuring. Unlike many other boys his age, however, he suffers from cerebral palsy, which he was diagnosed with at only 2 years
    Every Dog Club Spring Dog Show 2016
    Dont miss out on Every Dog Clubs first unsanctioned show! Have you ever wanted to show your dog, but didnt know where to start? Do you have experience showing dogs, but feel like you could use some practice? If you answered yes to eithe
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