Attention All Good Citizen Dog Scheme Dog Training Clubs / Listed Status Organisations And Examiners

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As a valued supporter of the Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme, we would like to make you aware of the changes with effect from the 6th April 2016. The Scheme has now been running 24 years and in that time there has been significant changes to the standards required in everyday life. It is appropriate, therefore, that the dog training world and within it the Good Citizen Dog Scheme adapt accordingly. Each of these changes will have guidance notes and additional information attached in the new Handbook and associated paperwork which will be sent out in the next  2-3 weeks when all printing is complete.
We are pleased to announce the changes are as follows:
In line with new legislation  dogs are required to have a microchip which is registered on a Defra approved database, in the UK (check exemptions).
Any dog taking a Good Citizen Dog Scheme Test after the 6th  April 2016 or passing a Puppy Foundation Award Course will be required to have a microchip.
Clubs will be required to provide a microchip scanner. If Clubs or Scheme Examiners wish to purchase a scanner a discount Scheme has been introduced. More details on this can be found below. Clubs do not need to purchase a scanner, you can borrow one for each test if you prefer.
Bronze, Silver & Gold Equipment changes - Dogs will be permitted to wear a Head Collar, Body Harness or slip lead during a Bronze, Silver or Gold Award testing session. Note: dogs will still be required to wear a collar with legally compliant information on it.
Gold Award - the minimum age for a dog taking a Gold award test has been changed to 12 months. Note : If Clubs have any Gold dogs under 12 months who are already committed to a test,  you are allowed to test them. 
Gold Award - the approximate time for Examiners testing 10 dogs has been increased to 3 hours.
Gold Award - Relaxed Isolation -A crate or cage can now be used to secure the dog. This is in addition to the current options.
There will also be changes to all the paperwork and new Good Citizen logo.
All Clubs, Organisations and Scheme Examiners ( A & B Lists) will be sent updated copies of the Guideline Handbook and relevant updates in the next 2-3 weeks and details will be added to the Scheme's web page and on the Good Citizen Stand at Crufts 2016.